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Shenzhen Guangzhichao Shelf Industrial Development Co., Ltd

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Shenzhen Headquarters: East Area,Jiuxiang, Industrial Zone, Xili Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen,China.
Tel:+86 -755-82942082 82942085
Fax:+86 -755-82942080
24-hour International Telephone:+86 13823390968
Factory in LongGang:ChangShan industry zone No.15, LiuLian village, PingDi town, LongGang district, ShenZhen city,GuangDong province ,China.
Tel:+86 -755-82942085     Fax:+86 -755-86160906
Contact Person:Mr.Zhang(General Engineer)
Contact Person:Mr Zhang    Mobile Phone:+86 13823390968
E-mail: zgc@szgzc.com     WebSite:http://www.szgzc.com
Factory in Sichuan:Centralized industrial park, Pangshangou,Daying County,Sichuan Province ,China.
Tel:+86-28-84160186       Fax:+86-28-84160286
Contact Person:Mr Zhang   Mobile Phone:+86 13823390968
E-mail:sc@szgzc.com        WebSite:http://www.cdgzc.cn
Agency in Hongkong:Roon1401-2,Yishi Commercial Building,No.253-261 Zixuan Nishi Road in Hongkong Bay.
Tel: 00852-69317568      Fax:+86-755-82942080
Contact Person:Mr Liao     Mobile Phone:+86 13823390968 
Agency in Shenzhen Baoan:Opposite To DA XIN DEPARTMENT STORE,Lane 1 Room 7,Mingyuan Village,Baoan Highway,Xixiang Town,Baoan District,Shenzhen,China

Contact Person:Mr Liu       Mobile Phone:+86 13823390968         E-mail: zgc@szgzc.com  WebSite:http://www.szgzc.com

Agency in Guangzhou:Face to Nanji Village,No.2653 Huangpu East Road in Guangzhou
Contact Person:Mr xiong  Mobile Phone:+86 13823390968 
E-mail: zgc@szgzc.com      WebSite:http://www.szgzc.com
Agency in Zhuhai:Tangjiawan Avenue,Hongkong District,Zhuhai.
Contact Person:Mr Zhang  Mobile Phone:+86 13823390968  
E-mail:zgc@szgzc.com       WebSite:http://www.szgzc.com
Agency in Dongguan:6 floor,gold-collar building number 98 DongChenZhuShan Managment district ,Guanzhang Road ,DongGuan
Contact Person:Mr xiong   Mobile Phone:+86 13823390968 
E-mail:zgc@szgzc.com      WebSite:http://www.szgzc.com


Shenzhen Guangzhichao Shelf Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Headquarters:East Area,Jiuxiang, Industrial Zone,Xili Town, Nanshan District, Shenzhen,China.
Factory Address:Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong,China Ping Ping street to the six-fat side of thevillage community Fulin Road on the 12th plant on the 12th

Factory Address:Guangzhichao Industrial Park, Pangshangou, Daying County Industrial Concentrated Development Zone, Suining City, Sichuan Province
+86 (0)755-82942082 82942085
H.K Tel:00852-69317568
Fax:+86 (0)755-82942080
24-hour service hotline:
E-mail:zgc@szgzc.com QQ:800032095

Shenzhen Guangzhichao Shelf Industrial Development Co., Ltd

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Shenzhen Guangzhichao Shelf Industrial Development Co., Ltd