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Shelf type of shelves

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According to the different load into light partition shelves, medium-shelf and heavy shelves shelves shelves, laminates and steel laminates board.

1, light shelves shelf Each layer of normal load in the 100kg or so, the maximum load per layer control within 200kg, unit shelf length is generally within 2 meters, the shelf depth of 0.6 meters, the shelf height is usually less than 2 meters, widely used in homes, shopping malls , Supermarkets, enterprise warehouses and institutions, auto parts warehouse, pharmaceutical, electronics and apparel companies.

2, medium shelf shelves Unit shelf load is generally between 200kg-1000kg, shelf columns are usually C-type steel, beams are usually used P-type structure, shelf height can be 50mm pitch adjustment, this type of shelf can be applied to any warehouse.

3, heavy shelf shelf Heavy shelf shelf is a combination of heavy shelves and medium-sized shelf characteristics, when the shelves of columns, beams all use heavy-duty structure, the use of buckle plate, steel plate buckle in the shelf beam, and when the shelf load within a certain range , You can use heavy-duty columns and medium-sized P-beam, this time, laminates and medium-shelf shelves arranged in the same way, directly to the laying of plywood beams on the beam. Of course, the shelf company in the actual production process, according to the specific operation of the project to decide which way to shop the way of laminates.

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Shelf type of shelves